The Artist

Ezequiel Mabote

Rejuvenating terrains of profound beauty, serenity, jubilation, and compassion ‘is buta meager bite of what ‘Ezequiel Mabote’s artistry work is ‘all about. – Ezequiel Mabote is an entrepreneurial artist who is the owner of Mabote Art Gallery, located at the prestigious King Shaka International Airport.


A humanitarian at heart; – He is an epitome of art perfectionism, persistence, and consistency, who continues to tell compelling stories. -Like a phenomenal legendary artist, his work infuses relevant subjects of contention such as; Leadership, Womanhood, Liberalism, Power, Masculinity, Identity, Motherhood, Unity, Africanism, Freedom, Strength,

Spiritualism, and Politics.


Ezequiel Mabote’s excellency in finding depth out of simplicity qualifies him -‘a distinguished artist’. – Like a visionary, his artwork radiates immense mastery in geometry, texture, layers, colors, and angles. – His wise usage of body

language, expression, and emphasized physical features is a refreshing celebration of Black pride and existence. – All of which is restoration – an awakening to African pride and identity. 


Like a ‘Master of art – There is an unorthodox message in his artworks: It is open to interpretation. However, great minds cannot help but align some of his work to relevant issues such as; Gender equality.


This inert ability to shift the paradigms of the African continent into realms of modernity; In a ‘nostalgic’ yet authentic way crown Ezequiel Mabote as nothing less of a: Humble – Hardworking – Master of Art!


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King Shaka International Airport

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